Halle Berry Tattoos

Halle Berry With Tattoos

You ever wonder what one of the world’s most beautiful women would look like covered in tattoos? Well thanks to our advanced “internet search” technology (don’t worry, someday we will all have it), we now know that Halle Berry looks amazing covered in ink, and that if she decided to go for a full body suit of body art, she’d still be just as gorgeous as ever. The Monster’s Ball, Frankie and Alice, Dark Tide, New Years Eve, and Cloud Atlas star doesn’t have any work done in real life (at least tattoo wise, she appears to have had some plastic surgery in her past), but we now that if she makes a random change of style in her mid-fourties, she’s still going to be way too classy for any of us to ever have a shot with. Although, we can dream that if she just got covered ink head to toe out of nowhere, she’d also be changing her taste in men, so maybe we could at least get a smile out of her, and if we’re lucky, she’d drop that stupid restraining order…jeez, you hide in one tree…

Halle Berry Back Tattoo

Halle Berry Hand Tattoo

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