Heidi Klum’s Tattoo Is Half Invalid Now

Heidi Klum Arm Tattoo

Whoops, looks like Heidi Klum has made the most classic of tattoo mistakes; she went and got her significant others name inked on her…and then they split up. The Project Runway (not “Project Runaway”, that’s a far more depressing show) host was married to “Kiss From A Rose” singer Seal for years and seemed to have the best marriage ever. Their marraige was so good that she decided to get his name inked on her forearm. The tattoo also included the initials of their kids, which makes the ink only half a waste now that the two of them aren’t together anymore. As of this writing, the two haven’t officially divorced, so theirs still a chance that they’ll reconcile and make the tattoo not really stupid. On the bright side, if they don’t get back together, Heidi can probably use the change between her couch cushions to pay for the removal procedure.

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