Hines Ward’s Fan Makes A Tattoo Mistake

Hines Ward Tattoo

Wow, that guy is probably paying really close attention to the NFL free agency market. This Pittsburgh Steelers fan decided to immortalise future Hall of Fame receiver Hines Ward on his body with a tattoo, right before the Steelers cut him. The Super Bowl MVP and Dancing with the Stars winner was dropped by the only team he’s ever played for in a cost cutting move, leaving people who own his jersey pissed off, and the guy that tattooed him on himself start saving for laser surgery. Ward has a tattoo of his own, albeit a more timeless one. The All-Pro has a piece on his right arm that features Mickey Mouse and some Asian writing. Ward seems confident in the ink, believing that despite the current economic climate Mickey’s gig as a cartoon mouse is safe.

Hones Ward Tattoo Mistake

Hones Ward Arm Tattoo

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