Howard Stern’s Tattoos

Howard Stern Tattoos

Howard Stern has been active on the radio waves for over 35 years, and he has spent the better part of those 35 years as the top dog in the medium. He’s also branched out into film production, television production, acting, internet media, and the literary world, but he’s always gone back to the radio (although at this point, he’s on satellite radio, a medium that he basically carries with his ratings) and the rebel persona he’s cultivated for himself. Part of any rebel persona is always going to be tattoos, so it surprises us to find that he doesn’t have that much ink on his body. Howard Stern has gotten four tattoos overall, but only has three pieces on his body currently. On his right shoulder, he has a really nicely done dragon, which he got in order to cover up a previous tattoo of his astrological symbol. He also has a letter ‘B’ on his finger to pay tribute to his second wife, Beth Ostrosky, and some sort of symbol on his pinky. At almost 60, it’s hard to say if Stern will get any more tattoos done, but seeing as how he’s consistently trying to stay youthful, it’s not out of the realm of possibilities.

Howard Stern Pinkytat

howard stern snake tattoo

howard stern tat

Howard Stern Finger Tattoo

Howard Stern Tattoos

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