Ian Somerhalder Tattoos, Here and Now

Ian Somerhalder Here and Now tattoo

As a former star of Lost, and current star of The Vampire Diaries, Ian Somerhalder appears to not have much time to get tattooed. Between acting like a metro-sexual neck-biter and taking pictures where he stares deeply into the camera, Somerhalder looks like he’s only found time to get one tattoo. He has “hic et nunc” inked on his right forearm. The Latin phrase translates to “here and now”, as in “he needs some more tattoos now, and he’s get them here.”. I don’t know folks, there’s just something not masculine about getting a very small singular tattoo. Either go hard or go home. On second thought, forget going hard, just go home Ian. You’re a solid actor, but what was up with the Lost finale? And a vampire show where everyone looks like models? You’re now 0-2 in my book Ian. I know, Lost wasn’t your fault, but the tiny random tattoo in a very visible spot? Yup, that one is all you.

Ian Somerhalder Hic et Nunc Tattoo

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