Is Beyonce Removing Her Love Ink?


You can learn a lot from someone’s tattoos. You can look at someone’s ink and have some idea of where they’ve been, what they love, what they’ve done, and what they believe; you can basically tell a whole lot about their past and present. Sometimes though, you can even tell their future by looking at their ink, such is the case with Beyonce Knowles and her vanishing tattoo. So what does the future hold for the “Drunk In Love” singer and multiple Grammy winner (she’s won like…all of the Grammys)? Well if her tattoos are to be believed, either a divorce or a new career as a hand model.


A few years back, the former Destiny’s Child front-woman married rap megastar Jay-Z (real name Shawn Carter), thus forming one of the celebrity world’s most famous and successful couples ever. To celebrate the nuptials, Bey went out and got herself a little tattoo on her finger of the Roman numeral “IV”. The very small piece of ink sat right on her ring finger and represented exactly what you would think: the number four. Both Jay-Z’s birthday and their anniversary fall on the 4th of the month, so the tiny tat was basically a big (little) “I love you” to her husband. A great gesture right? Well…it was a great gesture. “Was”, as in past-tense, as in “the tattoo isn’t their anymore”. Yes folks, if recent pictures of the power couple are to be believed, then the ring finger piece appears to have been lasered off at some point in the past year. So like I said before, she’s either decided that she doesn’t have enough money already and is embarking on a career as a hand model…or she’s not planning on being married to Jay anymore. After her sister Solange was recorded attacking her husband on an elevator, speculation ran rampant that the all-time great rapper had done something pretty bad to his bride, and perhaps whatever that was has lead to the dissolution of their marriage. Their “On The Run” tour is still going on as of this writing, and they’ve been photographed together seemingly still together. However, they might be pulling a Sonny and Cher, staying together for show just to make a little more money before they call it quits. We can’t really say, but we can pretty much guarantee that Beyonce has had her tattoo removed, and people tend to do things like that for a reason.