Jamie Foxx’s Tribal Head Designs

Some are speculating that Jamie Foxx’s new head tattoos were just temporary for the recent movie Horrible Bosses. While the tats fit in well with his role in the movie (a character named MotherF#@!&er Jones), it also fits in with Foxx’s previous tattoos. He already had a semi-circle going around the back of his head and big tribal work on his back, wrapping around his shoulders. Other people say the top-o-the-head design is a receding scalp cover up. I guess we’ll find out soon enough if they are real or not, although movie makeup may cover it for any particular role that it doesn’t fit in with. Either way, the the designs look good to me (much more interesting than the rather boring tribal work on his back) and might be a good strategy if his hairline is going.

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