Jamie King’s Oft-Covered Tattoos

Jamie King has been around in front of the camera for so long that it’s easy to think she’s way older than she is, but the truth of the matter is that she’s 31 years old and just became famous really early in life. The Hart of Dixie star first popped up on the screen with roles in Blow and Slackers, and at the time seemed to not sport any ink. However, she’s said that she got most of her tattoos done while she was young and full of angst, so we’re going to assume that she just had make-up people working overtime to keep her looking ink free. The Sin City actress gave them something to cover up with her name inked on her neck, a fairy on her back, a star on her neck, and a diamond and a spade on each wrist. She’s also had more work done recently, getting what we think is part of her favorite Emily Dickinson quote inked on her left inner-biceps.