Jeremy Renner’s Family Crest

Jeremy Renner; critically acclaimed star of The Hurt Locker, The Town, Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol, and The Avengers; and overall awesome guy, has far less ink than we thought he would. By “far less”, we mean that he has one tattoo, that’s it. Didn’t you think he’s have more? He just seems like the kind of guy that would be hiding two full sleeves, but nope, he’s just one solitary piece of work on his left shoulder. The lone tattoo is of his family crest, which our research has concluded is of German origin (our “research” consisted of visiting a Jeremy Renner fan-site, where someone else had done the actual, kind of creepy, research needed to know this). He’s in his forties, so we’re not sure if he’ll be getting any further work done, but we’ll keep an eye on the ink and keep you posted.


One thought on “Jeremy Renner’s Family Crest”

  1. Is Jeremy german-American? I thought he’s family was Irish-American. Either one, I still like Jeremy. He’s my boyfriend, after all. 😀

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