Jermaine Dupri’s Unfortunate Janet Jackson Tattoo

Jermaine Dupri Ink

Okay, so it’s one thing to be an average joe and get your wife’s picture or name tattooed on you, and then get dumped and have to live with it in private or semi-private shame the rest of your life, but it’s another thing to be a famous record producer/rapper and have your even more famous ex inked on you for life. Jermaine Dupri is in that boat, as a coupleof year back, he went out and got his girlfriend Janet Jackson tattooed on his side, only to see their relationship crumble just weeks later. We’re unsure if he’s since gotten it removed, or if he’s keeping it in hopes that she eventually comes back to him and makes his ink relevant again. Let this be a lesson though folks; if you love someone and and to show it via ink, get something that symbolizes them, not their picture; at least you can lie about a symbol; pictures are hard to make up stories about. “I uhhhh got Cindy’s face on my stomach because she uhhhh…remined me of my grandma”; sounds stupid, doesn’t it?

Jermaine Dupri Janet Jackson Tattoo

Jermaine Janet Jackson Tattoo

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