Jersey-pocalypse – Top Jersey Tattoos

Pauly D Tattoos

We’ve already covered a few of those foolios from Jersey Shore and they have some of what you might expect – Snooki, Ronnie and Pauly D. Here’s a few more from the gang.

Vinny Tat Sicily

Deena’s work –

deena tattoo hip

Deena Feet Tattoo

jwoww back prayer tattoo

We’ve also got Jon Bon Jovi!

Other good ones you might see if you were on a tour of Jersey ink:

For dudes: barbed wire, tribal, horror clowns, Italian flag, Jersey devils, skulls and shit written in script that don’t make sense.

For chicks: the tramp stamp (lower back tattoo), butterflies and more shit written in stoopid script that don’t make sense.

Here are a few of our other favorites – Jersey boy and girl tattoos with the outline of the state!

jersey girl tattoo

jersey boy tattoo


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