Jesse Metcalfe’s Bad Ink

jesse metcalfe tattoo

Folks, every article here at celebrity tattoo design is at least a little different. Sometimes we report on the full body of ink that a famous person has, but other times they have one tattoo that is so bad and ill-advised that we’d be wasting your time if we did anything more than simply mention the others. Sometimes one tattoo is crappy enough that it deserves the spotlight! This is the case with former “Desperate Housewives” and current “Dallas” star Jesse Metcalfe’s shoulder piece, a tat that represents multiple bad ideas at once, and blows our mind with its amazing bad-ness. Yes, he does have a cross on his back, a Roman Numeral. “IX” on his right arm (it looks like a tribute to someone), and had some forearm script that he’s already had removed, but who cares!? He’s got a naked lady on his arm who’s so naked that we had to blur parts of her out! Who is this lady? It’s nude Nadine Coyle! His ex-girlfriend! You’re eyes are not decieving you folks, Jesse Metcalfe had a naked picture of a girl he’s not with anymore inked on his arm. She got a heart on a leash too, and some back-splash design, but the important part remains the most important: he’s got a huge, half-sleeve sized naked ex-girlfriend on his left arm! What’s even more crazy is that he’s rich and hasn’t made any sort of effort to have it removed or covered up. What’s even more crazy than that is that he allegedly got the Girls Aloud singer put on his arm while they were broken up in hopes and in expectation that they would get back together. Well they didn’t reunite and they’ve both ended up with new people…so some dude gets to walk around knowing that John Tucker has a nudie of his best girl on his arm, and some girl gets to stare at Nadine’s breasts every time she takes her man to the beach. The tattoo is actually nicely done if we’re being honest, but the subject-matter is just a bad idea sandwich. Jessie Metcalfe is just another example of why you shouldn’t get inked until you’ve got a ring on it…and even then, get something that you can cover up easily…or at least something somewhat ambiguous. Well, you live and you learn, we wish you the best of luck with your shoulder tattoo Jesse!

jesse metcalfe tattoo

jesse metcalfe back tattoo


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