Jessica Biel’s Bird Tattoo

We can’t believe that we didn’t notice Jessica Biel’s tattoo earlier! In our defense, it’s hard to focus on a small spot of ink when you’re looking at a girl as gorgeous as Jessica Biel, and if we stare too long, we’re worried that she might beat us up (look at those guns!). Well, it’s never too late to pay attention (except when you walk out into traffic), so we’re checking out the A-Team, Playing The Field, and Total Recall star’s dove tattoo. It’s on her hip, and while it’s a well done little piece and we’re sure it has some special meaning to her; it’s pretty unimpressive. It’s one of those tattoos that looks like it was gotten just for sake of getting a tattoo. Regardless, she wears it well, as she does everything. We doubt she’ll be getting any more ink in the future, as being heavily tattooed wouldn’t go well with her aesthetic image. If anything, maybe she’d get something small to commemorate her marriage to Justin Timberlake.



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