Joe Rogan’s Sleeve

Joe Rogan, is best known to most people as the host of Fear Factor and the color commentator for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). However, he’s not all arm-bars and making people eat dung-beetle dung; his true passions are stand-up comedy (Rogan has had a wildly successful career that includes multiple CD/DVDs, and selling out huge rooms) and psychedelic experimentation. Rogan’s always been a huge proponent of putting yourself in altered states in order to get a better understanding of the universe. During one such state (he was on Dimethyltryptamine, or DMT, and immersed in sensory deprivation chamber), he claims to have ascended to a different plain of existence and seen some a pretty serious creature. This creature, as well as the DMT itself, became the main inspiration for the full sleeve tattoo that he has on his left arm (it also contains a dragon and a pot-leaf). He also has his right arm done, but we were unable to find any pictures of it.

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    1. oh how original why dont you get your own tatto sheep your about as deep as a justin beiber poster

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