Johnny Depp And His Ink Buddy



Johnny Depp is notorious for being a really good dude in real life. Whether it’s doing charity work, leaving huge tips to restaurant servers, or befriending and championing wrongly convicted prisoners, Depp is usually doing something pretty solid for another person. One of the people whom “The Lone Ranger” star has touched is former server of an eighteen year prison sentence for a murder he most likely had nothing to do with, Damien Echols. A member of the original West Memphis Three (three Tennessee boys convicted of murdering three children; all three were recently released after years of investigation and new DNA evidence exonerated them), Echols has grown to become a close friend of ole’ Edward Scissorhands; so close that he and Willy Wonka have a number of matching tattoos, five actually. The most prominent of the pieces is the crow that Depp has on his right hand. It was done in honor of the 1994 film “The Crow” (Brandon Lee’s last movie), and it represents a theme of rebirth (in the film, a crow brings a man’s soul back from the afterlife) that means a lot to Depp and even more to the “reborn” Echols. Next up is the right shoulder ink that they have, which is he Theban language symbol for “brother”; they got it on the same day at the same parlor. Another piece that they got together is the “Ching” symbol that each of them has on their right triceps; they got the work done at Mark Mahoney’s Shamrock Social Club in 2011, and it represents the idea of overcoming large obstacles through calm and poise. They also got their matching skeleton keys on their forearms together…kind of. By Echol’s account, they were on different coasts, being inked at the same time and were trading pictures back and forth with on the phone. Their newest matching ink was done in celebration of Depp’s adoption by the Comanche Indian tribe in 2012; it’s a zigzag that stands for the path that one’s soul takes. Overall, all of the pieces came out nicely, and we’re pretty down with these two being buddies. Assuming that the evidence is true and Echols didn’t commit the crime that he was incarcerated for, then the least he deserves is to be buddies with a really famous dude. Eighteen years is a long time, and nothing will ever get his time back, but if getting inked with his big star buddy makes him happy, then we’re cool with it.

depp-echols-tattoo-ching depp-echols-tattoo-key depp-echols-tattoo-theban Johnny-Depp-Tattoo-z

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