Josh Gordon’s Got His Own Back

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When a man whose body is covered with everything from skulls to koi fish gets a new tattoo, it isn’t always news. However, when said tattoo is a gigantic back piece that could theoretically become irrelevant with a simple contract snafu, it’s kind of a big deal. Case in point: Cleveland Browns’ Wide Receiver and fantasy football superstar Josh Gordon, who recently decided that despite having a long history of league suspensions (any one of which could get him cut from his squad despite his All-Pro stat line), he would get his number inked across his entire back. The giant “12” and his name mimic the look of his current jersey, and they actually look great, like truly wonderfully done, they just maintain a small chance of becoming invalid if he ever plays for another team and can’t get his number back. Imagine that, his career is winding down and he signs with a team on the cusp of success because, let’s be honest folks, he’s not winning a Superbowl with The Browns. However, this new squad (let’s just call them “The New York Giants” because ummmmmm we like them) has a 23 year old superstar who wears the number twelve, and he’s not giving it to Gordon. So now you have a guy whose career is almost over, playing off the bench and rocking a tattoo that makes him look less like a star and more like a fan of his new teammate. Of course, this won’t happen because Gordon is the kind of player who will retire before he goes out like that, and not a lot of people wear the number twelve, so he’s probably safe no matter what. So why did we just spend an entire paragraph talking about a situation that’s never going to happen? Because when someone gets a great tattoo there’s not much to say other than, “Hey man, nice tattoo.” That would be a terrible article.

josh gordon tattoo

josh gordon tattoo back

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