Julia Roberts’ Fan’s Tattoos Make Us Uneasy

Miljenko Parserisas Bukovic; remember that name. Remember that name because if Julia Roberts ever gets kidnapped, it’s clearly him that did it; well, him or The Hamburglar, burger theft is a gateway crime. The Chilean-born Bukovic has taken his devotion to the Pretty Woman star a bit further than most people would, as he’s gone out and gotten 82 different tattoos of her on his torso and arms. Better yet, and even stranger, is that they’re all scenes from Erin Brokovich, the movie that won Roberts her Academy Award. The extensive, yet horribly done, ink has cost him over $2,000; that’s less than $30 per piece, and they’re all “portraits”. Nothing says “quality” like portrait work that costs less than a pair of New Balance sneakers. Bukovic said that he plans on getting more Julia-ink so long as he doesn’t run out money or skin. Imagine trying to explain those tattoos to, well, anybody; “Oh my tattoos? They’re just 82 Julia Robertses…please stop running away!”. Like we said before, his ink is mostly terrible, yet still, it’s somehow better than the tattoo that Julia Roberts has.