Julia Roberts’ Family Tattoo

  Mirror,Mirror star Julia Roberts is the last person we expected to get a lower-back tattoo…okay, Oprah is the last person we expected to get a lower-back, but Julia Roberts is definitely on the list. The Ocean’s 11 star is one of Hollywood’s most respected women, so her new-ish tattoo was a bit of a surprise to us; although, the fact that it’s a tribute to her family makes it a lot more respectable. The piece, which is rather large, is an illustration that we can’t make out surrounded by the names of her three children (Henry, Phinnaeus and Hazel). It’s a great sentiment, but a terrible tattoo; and we also have to question her choice of placement again, as she’s past the point in her life where one would normally get a lower-back tattoo. She might have been better off getting the names inked separately in a different spot.