Justin Bieber Has Tattoos…Ugh.

And just like that, everyone with ink felt a little less cool. It’s true folks, teen sensation Justin Bieber has tattoos…they’re very small…and one of them is barely even a tattoo…but yes, he’s technically “one of us”. His latest tattoo is a nice little sentiment, as he went with his dad and got matching rib ink; it says “Jesus” in Hebrew vertically down their left sides. That one shouldn’t surprise fans of the ultra-religious, family oriented singer. However, what should surprise people is how half-assed his other “piece” is. It’s a bird on his left hip, but it looks more like a teeny-tiny Chevy symbol, or maybe at best an outline of Woody Woodpecker’s head. He’s also been known to show up in photos with fake tattoos drawn on, but they’re just that, fake. We can’t see Bieber getting really covered, as it wouldn’t go with his image, but maybe he’ll get a super classy portrait of his kid when he inevitably gets Selena Gomez pregnant.