Justin Theroux’s Tattoos

Justin Theroux Chest Tattoo

Lately, too many tabloids have been painting Justin Theroux merely as Jennifer Aniston’s newest guy that she randomly falls in love with, but they’re all forgeting that Theroux has had an impressive career of his own, and that he has an impressive amount of ink (we really have to get better at segways). With writing credits on Tropic Thunder, the upcoming Zoolander 2, Iron Man 2, and Rock of Ages, and acting gigs in Wanderlust, Your Highness, and Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle (the banner pic is from a scene in that film, we’re not sure if those are his real tattoos or not); Theroux has been in Hollywood for years, and has been in the tattoo chair the whole time. Some of his tattoos include: a grim reaper on his shin, a straight-edge “X” on his ankle (that he did himself), “The rock will set you free” on his knee, scissors on his wrist, a bird on his foot, and a fly on his arm.

Justin Theroux Leg Tattoo

Justin Theroux Leg Ink

Justin Theroux Arm Tattoo

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