Kesha Gives Tattoos Now Too!

What…is…going…on? No sooner did we mention to the ink-loving public that jazz legend Sade recently tattooed a fan, did we hear that Kesha is an amateur tattoo artist! The “We Are Who We Are” singer recently revealed that she gives a small tattoo to anyone who comes over to her house. For instance, while working with Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips, Kesha (we refuse to justify that stupid dollar sign) gave the rock singer an undetermined tattoo on his toe…and it’s his first! Listen, we’re pretty heavily inked here at Celebrity Tattoo Design, and we wouldn’t let that annoying voiced mo-tard anywhere near us with a marker, let alone a tattoo gun. However, celebrities are nuts, so Kesha keeps a tattoo gun at her side and inks anyone who will let her, and even if they don’t have any ink yet, they let her do it because she’s famous. Rich people need real hobbies.