Kevin McHale’s Beatles-Inspired Tattoos

Kevin McHale's Beatles Tattoo

Kevin McHale had quite the career, winning 3 NBA Championships, going to 7 All-Star games, and serving as head coach of both the Minnesota Timberwolves and The Houston Rockets…oh wait, that Kevin McHale, the one from Glee. Okay, so Kevin McHale, who plays ‘Artie Abrams’ on the hit show Glee, has been seen sporting two tattoos, both of which are inspired by The Beatles. McHale has the titles of two of their songs, “Imagine” and “Let it Be”, on his left ankle and left wrist respectively. The “Imagine” piece was done on the same night, and matches the ink of fellow Glee star Lea Michele; they got the matching tattoos on a night when they had a bit too much wine. Anyone think that there’s something kind of strange about two of the stars on Glee getting matching tattoos after a night of putting away too much wine? We’re not against it, it’s just funny the kids from Glee get that bombed.

Kevin Mchale Tattoo Let It Be

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