Keyshia Cole Tattoos

Keyshia Cole Arm Tattoo

Hip-Hop Soul singer Keyshia Cole first gained success when her debut album The Way It Is reached platinum status in 2005. Since then, her career has had it’s ups and downs, but one thing that has remained consistent is her love of tattoos. Keyshia has at least five tattoos that we know of. She has one on her neck that says, “Have Faith” with a small red heart next to it. She also has a heart and a tear drop on her left hand, a teddy bear on her right ankle, a rose with flames on her left wrist, and “Truly Blessed, D.Gibson” on her left shoulder (it’s in honor of her husband, NBA player Daniel Gibson). However, her biggest piece of body art is on her right arm. At quick glance, it looks like the birth of a jellyfish, but on further inspection, it’s a heart with a stake going into it, set on a star. That sounds like a bad idea, but when you look at it, it turned out alright. That wooden stake was a strange choice but there it is going through a big black heart that looks like a plum. There were rumors that she was going to stop getting ink in order shed her “ghetto image”, but with tattoos rapidly becoming more acceptable to the masses, there’s nothing ghetto about her, and she will probably get more in the future.

Keyshia Cole Wrist Tattoo

Keyshia Cole Arm Tattoo

Keyshia Cole Arm Ink

Keyshia Cole Neck Tattoo

Keyshia Cole Shoulder Tattoo

Keyshia Cole Have Faith Tattoo

keyshia truly blessed tattoo

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