Kobe Bryant’s Crown and Wings Tattoos

Kobe Bryan Arm Tattoos

Apparently Kobe’s crown tattoo on his upper arm doesn’t have anything to do with him being the king of basketball. That’s good because he’s not the king of the NBA anymore even if he was at one time. He was definitely crowned champion 5 times but you can’t give him all the credit for that because LA has had some great teams. Some credit is due however and we’ll leave it to him to show us what he can come up with in his remaining years. Next on his arm appears the name of his wife Vanessa. This appeared sometime after he had some trouble with extramarital relations and the police in Colorado. He probably wanted to re-affirm his commitment to his wife with that one. Then, he has a pair of angel wings and “Psalm XVII” beneath that. Psalm 17 talks about faith in the Lord his strength. Above his wrist he has the name of his daughter written.

Kobe Bryant Vanessa Tattoo

Kobe bryant tat natalie

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