Kobe Bryant’s Fans Really Like Him


So apparently people really like Kobe Bryant…like way more than any of us even like most of our families, because a shocking amount of people have chosen to get tribute ink of the Los Angeles Lakers star. The National Basketball Association MVP and preferential All-Star has quit a few tattoos himself, including tribute to his wife and children, but some Lakers’ fans see him in the same light, because they’ve straight up put his face on their bodies! Take for example…this guy:


He’s got Kobe’s entire head on his calf! We’re not sure if he’s praying or deep in thought in the piece, but he definitely has something on his mind. We’re going to call this work of body-art “Kobe Bryant: The Thinker” because we’re digging that tattooed Kobe is probably mulling life’s great questions around in his head, trying his best to solve them before the television time out is over and he has to get the inbound pass. The next piece we’re showing you isn’t quit as serious, and is only Kobe’s number and nickname…which happens to be “Black Mamba”. Yup, someday this dude will have to explain to his kids why he has what appears to be a penile reference on his arm, but hey, he loves The Lakers!


Next we have a full bodied Kobe who appears to be in the middle of a sick crossover. This isn’t as almost weird as the the head shot above because it’s him doing what he’s known for and not just a dude who’s good at basketball’s face. Our main problem with the ink is that the tattoo probably would refuse to take itself out of a game and them laugh at its coach tattoo for thinking that he had the power to…something real Kobe would never do…wait, that seems incorrect.


The final piece is another one of Kobe’s dome, but this one has flowers because nothing says “NBA Great” like ummmmm…flowers? Yeah, we’re not sure if signals got crossed on this one. Maybe the guy was like, ” I want Kobe with flashbulbs around him”, but the artist only heard the “bulbs” part. Either way, we’re going to call this one “Kobe Garcia” because it looks pretty hippy-esque.


So yeah, people really like Kobe Bryant, and tattoo artists in some places don’t feel the need to remind their customers that tattoos are permanent and that Kobe Bryant plays sports and is neither a fictional character nor an important person in world history. Whatever, we’re probably just jealous because only hobos want our faces inked on their bodies…and that’s just because we bribe them with canned goods and sweet bindles.

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