Kyle Jenner Inks Miles Richie…It Looked Unsanitary

Kylie jenner tattoos mile richie pics

She wasn’t even wearing gloves folks…that’s how people get infections. We’re not sure how we feel about any of this, so we’re just going to tell you how we feel about each individual factor and give you some facts…and then probably get really angry and rant for a while. Ready? Go! Okay, so Kylie Jenner, of “My dad Bruce was a great athlete and my mom is a terrible person who put our family on reality television…and now I’m a model because I’m pretty enough that my famous name makes me marketable” fame and Miles Richie of “my dad is Lionel Richie and I like punk rock but have no actual marketable talent” fame are buddies. That’s all well and good, they hang out with other untalented children of famous people like Jaden and Willow Smith and they all stay away from the rest of us as a result, so good for them. However, as part of their whole “we’re so edgy because we take black and white Instagram photos and we’re angsty because…uhhhh…next question…” teenager phase, they’ve started getting tattoos and making the rest of feel bad about the fact that now people can look at us and go “Oh, you have tattoos, like that Lionel Richie’s son!”. So we’re upset that they’ve started entering our culture, but what are we going to do? At least they’re helping to make ink more acceptable. However, now some irresponsible tattoo artist in California, who may end up losing his license because of it, has allowed Kylie to tattoo her initials on Miles…and allowed them to video the whole thing. So now Miles Richie has Kylie Jenner’s “KJ” inked on his hand/wrist, and some dude is probably going to have to go to court and defend his ability to make a living because he let an underage kid without a license or gloves operate in his shop. We’re very annoyed by the entire thing…and that’s about all we have to say about that. Actually, we have more to say: Stop letting celebrities do whatever they want! They’re never going to become legitimate members of society if you keep letting them break the law simply because you want to be in their next selfie! Okay, now we’re done.

kyle jenner tattoos mile richie

kylie jenner tattoos


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