Lauren Conrad’s Little Secret Letter Tattoos

Lauren Conrad rose to fame with her starring role on the reality series “Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County” and later with her role it’s spin-off “The Hills”. Since then, she has found success as a fashion designer, and an author with her “L.A. Candy” trilogy. However, despite her success, she has one gleaming failure: her tattoo. The “L” she has tattooed on wrist stands for…you guessed it…”Lauren”(I just felt you shake your head in disgust). It gets better though, the “L” used to be a “J”, and it was her ex-boyfriends initial! It’s hard to tell what’s worse, tattooing a significant other’s initial on you, or having it covered with your own initial. At least if she kept it, she could have said it was to remind her of her mistakes and sounded deep and introspective. Lauren Conrad may have escaped the shadow of her own reality television fame, but she should have escaped the tattoo artists chair. But why not change it to “LA” or just go ahead and put a rose or a dragon or something on top of it.