Lea Michele: “I’m Done Getting Tattooed”

Lea Michele is calling it quits…from getting tattooed, not acting or singing or whatever it those crazy kids do on Glee. The singing, dancing star of the popular show has been featured on this site before, as we reported that she has at least nine tattoos spread across her body. Well it turns out that she actually has fourteen small tattoos inked in all of her “hidden spots”, and now that she’s run out of hidden spots, she’s done getting work done. At least that’s what she said in an interview on The Late Show with David Letterman. In the same interview, she discussed how getting tattooed is a “family activity” and how she’s ended up with a lot of her ink after long nights of family bonding. In our opinion, this has led to her having some poorly done, but very sentimental ink. If a tattoo truly means something, it’s actually allowed to suck, so Lea Michele is alright in our book. However, we really don’t believe her that she’s done getting tattoos; no one is ever done getting tattoos, they just haven’t thought of what to get next yet.