Lil Wayne No Stranger to Ink With a Message

Lil Wayne (or Mr. Carter or Weezy) has collected “cash money”, cars, houses, gold items and….tattoos! His facial tattoos are a message to those of you who are not bold enough to get tats there and those that don’t fear God probably too. What the message says is “I am so bling I can get tats on my face and still be the bling big top gangster and celebrity that I am”. And that would have to be true as you can see he remains a bigtimer in the hip hop industry and the jailtime is not changing that either.

Cover of Urban Ink magazine

What has he got inked? Who knows! For the most part you can’t make out what is going on there but there are a few big and bold things you can see. For one, there is the 17 on his stomach, which refers to the 17th Ward of New Orleans, where he grew up. Then there is the easily identifiable RR on his arm which is the Rolls Royce logo and also says that below. Then there are quite a few slogans scattered about such as the aforementioned “fear God”, then there is also “life’s a gamble” on his chest next to “bang bang MOB” and then there is “I am music” above his right eyebrow. “Cash money” is written on his stomach and some other things are written on his hands and fingers. On his back he has a whole conversation or some kind of prayer or lyrics.

Mixed in with all that “verbage” he has some tribal work, a few skulls, and other designs to fill in space. More recently he got some stars put above and to the side of his left eyebrow.

New stars on his face
A younger Weezy before he really got into it