Man Inks Dog; News Sinks Man

man tattoos dog

Well it looks like we won’t be getting those matching “Born To Sniff Butts” tattoos that we wanted to get with the office pitbull any time soon. A Brooklyn, New York tattoo artist is coming under heavy fire for inking his best friend…because said best friend is his dog. His pooch went in for surgery (spleen removal if the reports are accurate), and while she was under anesthetic he gave her a big ole’ piece on her dog-shoulder. Quick aside, we don’t know how to properly describe dog body parts, so we always add the word “dog” to human body parts, hence the term “dog-shoulder”. Anyhow, the guy put “Alex + Mel” on her with the classic heart and dagger combo artwork, and the world has lost its mind over the inking. He’s getting all sorts of flack from the media and from animal rights groups over it, and has already been fired from his job at “Red Legged Devil Tattoos” for it! He tried to defend his actions by saying that what he did was no different than when the ASPCA tattoos dogs for identification purposes, but they shot him down pretty quick on that one. We’re not sure how we feel about the who situation to be honest, but we can tell you this: it’s not worth firing him over and the guy doesn’t deserve to be blacklisted from life for it. The kind of guy who would drop the thousands of dollars that it costs for his animal into get surgery tends not to be the kind of guy who wants to torture and maim his pooch. Was it the smartest idea ever? No, but he’s not a terrible dog owner by any stretch of the imagination, for crap’s sake, he did it while the dog was out, the little one didn’t even feel the pain. He’s also not the first person to ever do this (check out the picture below), and at least his art was well done. So in closing: we’re not going to ink our pets anytime soon, but we’re not going to hate this guy for doing it to his.

dog tattoo

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