Man Loves Mcdonald’s; Ruins Arm As A Result

mcdonalds tattoo picture

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new leader in our long running race for “worst tattoo idea ever”, and his name is… Stian Ytterdahl? Okay, while you all try to pronounce that little bit of Norwegian verbal magic, let’s discuss his ridiculous ink and the fascinatingly idiotic circumstances that surround it. For starters, let’s just get the tattoo itself out of the way so that you can start trying to get over the shock and feelings of “the whole world is screwed if this is our youth” that you’ll undoubtedly feel: he got a McDonalds receipt inked on his arm. Not the receipt that his wife first wrote her number on, not the receipt from the meal he never finished because his wife baby was born…just a regular old McDonalds receipt from a meal he and his buddies were having on a Monday night. It’s not the worst tattoo from a quality standpoint, the small lettering is a little jumbled and will probably become just blobs of ink as he gets older, but it looks like the info from a fast food receipt. From far away, it could be anything and he could maybe lie and tell people that it’s some sort of Sci-Fi bar-code thingy and maybe get away with it, but up close it’s a Micky Dee’s order for sure. Why did he get it? Because he was doing too well with the ladies of course! Yeah, we’re not buying it either. He alleges that his friends made him get the tat because he was bedding down too many women and…yeah, he’s got to be lying. Anyhow, he either was going to get the piece of fried gold he ended up with, or a Barbie Doll on his butt, so we guess he made the right choice? He’s planning on following this piece up with some free work on his other forearm from the artist who did the original. He’s going to get the receipt for the tattoo of the receipt. We can actually get behind the second piece because it makes the whole thing more funny and less idiotic. He should get inked pretty heavy if he doesn’t want to be made fun of forever, because dumb tattoos tend to be less dumb when they’re not your only ink. Personally, we think he should just keep getting receipts until he’s covered, that will extend his fifteen minutes of fame for sure. We wish him the best in his future tattooing, and we got to give him a little bit of credit, because he made the news and we didn’t.

mcdonalds receipt tattoo pics

mcdonalds tattoo

mcdonalds arm tattoo

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