Michael Poulsen Of Volbeat Is Covered In Tattoos

Michael Poulsen of Danish rock-band Volbeat is as much a rockstar as a rockstar can get; he just oozes it. He’s almost always wearing black, has a pompadour, and is sporting a ton of tattoos. It’s hard to tell what all of his ink represents, but from what we can see: he has his parents’ names tattooed on his knuckles, Johnny Cash’s name on his chest, Elvis’ full name and portrait on his arm, a spider web on his elbow, Elvis’ full name on his forearm, “Social Distortion” (the band) on his other forearm, some “Sailor Jerry” style roses on his chest that surround an angel and a panther, a sheriff’s star on his chest, and some tribal on his arm that seems to include a pentegram.