Mickey Rourke’s Tattoos

Mickey Rourke Older

Pshewww Mickey doesn’t he look like a mess. I mean he can still dress up on occasion like the above pic but normally ne looks like your Uncle who lives down by the river under the bridge in his van with the duct tape over the windows. He’s nearly sixty so I guess he is holding up ok, he just not a handsome kid no more. That doesn’t keep him from winner Oscars and taking on some challenging new roles. And he does have some nice and classic tattoos – the cattle skull, the swallow tails, the fluer-de-lis, a wildcat, flames and some kind of feathered design on his right forearm. Goes right along with his style.

Mickey Rourke Chest Tattoo

Mickey Rourke Arm Tattoo

mickey rourke should tattoos

mickey rourke arm ink

mickey rourkes multiple arm tattoos

mickey rourke wrist tattoos

mickey rourke young

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