Monta Ellis Has A Ton Of Tattoos

The Golden State Warriors’ Monta Ellis has spent the last couple of years near the top of NBA’s scoring lists; he’s also spent them near the top of the ”Most Tattooed” list. Ellis, who says he lost count around 18, has an upper body that’s absolutely covered in ink, says that a big part of his being covered comes from his boredom in the off-season. The other reason he has so many tattoos is that he he likes to represent his love for his family with them, and he really loves his family. His tattoos include a giant family tree; tributes to his mother, daughter, son, grandpa, and grandma (his grandparents raised him); and s number of “randoms” as we like to call them. All of his work is top-notch, and most, if not all of it was done at Tattoos By Randy in Atlanta, by Randy himself. Great work Monta!