Naya Rivera: Santana Lopez Has A Lot Of Ink

Best known for her portrayal of ‘Santana Lopez’ (does that sound like a 1970’s television show about a Mexican private detective to anyone else?) on…(*cringes*)… Glee; Naya Rivera is also a solo artist and songwriter, and she’s also heavily tattooed (well she has a lot of tattoos, they’re all pretty small though). From what we can tell, she has a peace sign on her left ankle, the word “fighter” (not in English) on her right wrist, a shooting star on her right foot, a bow on the back of her neck, and a fairly large cross on her lower back. Judging by how many she has already, and the fact that she’s only in her twenties (still erks us that she plays a teenager though), we expect Naya Rivera to get at least a little more ink before it’s all said and done.

4 thoughts on “Naya Rivera: Santana Lopez Has A Lot Of Ink”

  1. It’s not perfectly legible, so I could be wrong, but it looks like the tattoo on her wrist says “ahavah,” which is the Hebrew word for love. “Lochemet” would be fighter.

  2. Her wrist tattoo actually says “Love” in Hebrew, not “fighter”. Also, according to a recent interview, she has a sixth tattoo somewhere. Apparently it’s very, very well hidden, because nearly every part of her can be seen in one photo or another.

  3. People think that Naya’s wrist tattoo says fighter but its actually love in hebrew, how do i know this i google translated love and fighter to match to the tattoo and love was the match

  4. her tattoo on the wrist means “Love” and not “Fighter” i would know cause im from Israel

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