Nicholas Cage’s Tattoos

Nicholas Cage Tattoos

Known for being a really talented actor (he won an Academy Award for Leaving Las Vegas, most people forget that) who doesn’t always pick the best roles, and for being mildy insane…and for his awesome comb-all-over, Nicolas Cage is one of the biggest movie stars of his generation, but he’s not one of the most tattooed. Although there are plenty of photos out there in which the Frozen Ground, Seeking Justice, and National Treasure star is sporting a ton of ink, most of the time it’s just movie make-up; in reality, he only has two tattoos that have been confirmed as real. He has a monitor lizard wearing a top hat on his upper-back, and he has a flaming skull (inspired by his love of the comic book Ghost Rider, a role he plays in Ghost Rider:Spirit Of Vengeance) on his left biceps. Whatever design has shown up on his right arm may also be real, as it’s peaked out of a few shirts even while he’s off-set, but we can’t confirm whether the tattoo is real or not.

nicholas cage back tattoo

nicholas cage arm tattoo

nicholas cage body tattoos

nicholas cage photoshoot

Nicholas cage arm tattoo

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