Nichole Richie’s Tattoos

Nicole Richie Shot

Remember when Nicole Richie was in the tabloids every day? When you couldn’t read her name without reading “drunk”, or “eating disorder” in the same sentence? Well those days are gone folks, now she’s just Lionel Richie’s daughter, and a mother of two; but she still has some ink from her bad girl days. She has a pair of angel wings tattooed on her back (we guess they were ironic?), “Virgin” on her wrist (again, irony…or it’s because she’s a Virgo…or it’s weirdly specific?), a rosary on her ankle and foot, a cross on her lower back, her last name on her neck, a shooting star on her wrist, a tiarra (because she was a princess…get it?) on her thigh, and a pair of ballet slippers on her hip bone (in honor of her father’s song “Ballerina Girl”, which is reportedly about her).

nicole richie tattoos rosary

nicole richie hip tattoo

nicole richie tattoos wings

nicole richie virgin tattoo

nicole richie front tattoo

nicole richie back cross

nicole richie neck tattoo

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