Nicki Minaj’s Chinese Script Arm Tattoo

What is the meaning of Nicki Minaj's tattoo? Answer "God Is With Me"

New York Singer and rapper Nicki Minaj was born Onika Tayna Maraj on December 8, 1984 in Trinidad and Tobago. Nicki released her first mixtape called “Playtime is Over” in 2007 and quickly gained a following. It was Lil Wayne who discovered and signed her to a record deal at his Young Money Entertainment company. She released her debut CD titled “Pink Friday” in 2010 achieving platinum sales.

What does Nicki Minaj tattoo mean?
She only has one tattoo on her on her left arm. It’s written in Chinese and means
“God is with me”.

We like it, it looks good. You might ask why in Chinese? Well, for one it looks good in Chinese calligraphy. It might look ok in English calligraphy too but how do you write English vertically? Not very easily. Also, this way, unless you speak Chinese (like 1/6th of the world), you have to ask or wonder what it means. Kind of like a little half secret. We might suggest a fat little Buddha near by this tat and some waves and koi fish to complete the scene.


black and white standing





10 comments on “Nicki Minaj’s Chinese Script Arm Tattoo

  1. Hi, I’m from Taiwan and I speak Chinese.
    This tattoo looks interesting to me:)
    Exactly, it means “God is always with you” in Chinese..=))

    Wow, that’s fun

    • rumaanah dangor on said:

      hi im from johannersburg, i like really like your tattoo,and i do believe that “god IS with u” because all ur shows are always sucssesful and i love you with my whole heart nicki minaj

  2. Yup, Maggy is totally right, the exact meaning is “god is always with you”.
    I like it…but I sort of wish she got it in a better font

  3. Amber Thomas on said:

    I <3 tht tattoo i just got on but mines say sisters nd it has a flower me nd ma big sister got it together on friday. sister is in chinese script too

  4. Onesisa Mtselu on said:

    i love nicki minaj alot and i wish i could meet her (sad) and i love her tatoo too.

  5. Onesisa Mtselu on said:

    I wish nicki minaj would come here in south africa in cape town to have a concert i will risk it to go just to meet her and spend all my money to get into the concert and i don’t care what my mother say because she is very strict.

  6. “she should got it in a better font”~
    I can’t agree with you more XDD

  7. Miike on said:

    I love tha tatoo Nic..Awesome. God is with u 4 real..

  8. devonte' burnette on said:

    i love nicki minaj beacuse she iz from my home tome and her song give me a very good spier t

  9. Badbitchesonly(; on said:

    Nicki, that tattoo doesn’t go with you, obviously your just stupid and she doesn’t even make sense in her own songs. And why you voting for mitt romney he dont give 2 flying !@#$! about you. Your from the #$@#! illuminate #@$ all stupid and you still have the name god on your wtf is that go make sense dumb @#$@#

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