Norman Reedus – Name Tag, Angels and Demons

That says something, I don’t know what, that Norman has his own named inked on himself front and center. Nice little devil he has there, it looks like it was taken from Napoleon Dynamite’s sketch book.



We’re not sure what this next one is (star?) but apparently it appears on his body somewhere.

Norman has a little tat on his neck for the second Boondock film. That’s a good idea. If your an actor wearing different clothes and taking on a role a few tattoos can really make you feel like a different person or character.

Angels and/or demons on back. Some say they are the same thing. Maybe demons were once angles or they can switch back and forth depending on the situation. And so maybe that is what the artist is telling us, and what Norman wanted – here are some angles that don’t appear too angelic, at any moment they can become demons…

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  1. He’s named after his Dad. They were never close as he was growing up but actually became close when his Dad was dying. The star is on his right hand (in the BDS movies it got incorporated into the Aequitas tattoo as an accent) the demons on his back came from one of his Mom’s friends saying he has many demons inside (no doubt after a tough childhood), he’s also got a tiny heart on the inside of his right wrist, his son Mingus’ name in red on his right forearm and a snake on his left leg.

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