Orlando Bloom Tattoos

Orlando Bloom Tree Sun Forearms

Orlando Bloom, star of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Black Hawk Down,and the Pirates of the Caribbean movies; is yet another in a long line of ultra-handsome actors that are hiding a lot of ink under their clothes. The English born actor counts amongst his various pieces of body art: a tree covering the entire right side of his torso, a black band on his right left forearm, a Hebrew symbol for “Nine” on his right arm, an unknown figure on his right forearm, and a small sun on his left hip. At one point the sun was brightly colored, but it appears that as Bloom has gotten older and perhaps more mature (or cynical towards the Hollywood life), he’s gotten it colored in with solid black. Bloom seems to keep getting work despite his heavy ink-age, so look for him to keep getting more work done because that tree looks a little lonely and bare, surely it needs an owl on one of the branches or a little more decoration, a few leaves maybe, let that tree bloom Mr. Bloom.

young orlando sun tattoo

Orlando Bloom Wrist Tattoos

Orlando Bloom Tree Forearm Tattoo

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