Pablo Escobar Tattoos (Fans)

Pablo Escobar is probably the most famous drug lord that has ever lived, it is said that he accumulated over 21 billion dollars in just a year, now obviously the way he went about getting this money was wrong, but can you imagine living earnings that amount?

Pablo got the name “The King of Cocaine” because of his outlaw ways and the fact that he controlled most of the cocaine operations in the world and his crew supplied over 80% of the cocaine that was imported into the United States.

Many people love Pablo just because of the way he lived and the fact that without him, there would be no love for drugs (especially cocaine) around the world.

He is still very popular, Netflix even created a drama TV show about him called Narcos, people have had fan tattoos and even created games such as

Pablo Escobar Fan Tattoos

There is no shortage of people that have had their hero Pablo tattooed on them, we are going to go over some of the best that we have found floating around. We do expect there will be a lot more to live and his name will live on for many years to come.

The King of Cocaine tattoos

Pablo Escobar Fan Tattoo

Pablo Escobar Face Tattoo


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