The Big Show’s Big Tattoos


Over the last decade, The Big Show (Paul White) has quietly put together one of the more decorated careers in the history of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Yeah, we know that wrestling is fake, but you still have to be pretty darn popular for the WWE to put that many title belts around your waste. During a career that’s included the World, Intercontinental, and Tag Team Championships; Show has gotten more and more tattoos on his large body. From what we can see of his ink, he has a tiger on his right shoulder, some sort of dragon design on his left shoulder, a TKE (the letters of his college fraternity probably) on his leg, and a large unknown design on his calf. Having recently turned 40, and having a ton of money in the bank, Big Show will most likely retire soon, but look for him to end up with a few more tattoos before it’s all said and done. He probably won’t get anything crazy, but he will almost definitely get some more ink.

Big Show Tattoos

big show leg tattoo

paul big show wight tattoo

big show tke tattoo


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