Paula Yates – Dragon Out of Place

British television presenter Paula Yates is probably best known for who she married (Live Aid organizer Bob Geldof, and deceased INXS leader Michael Hutchence), and how she died (accidental drug overdose). This isn’t fair though folks; she should be known for the great job she did hosting shows like The Tube and Big Breakfast, and for her tremendous ability to have a super-generic dragon tattoo in a very visible spot and still look cool. The tattoo itself is unimpressive; a standard, run of the mill dragon that looks like she (*dun dun duuuunnnnnn*) picked it out of the book at the tattoo parlor. However, Yates’ awesomely pulled of “bad girl” image makes the ink stand out as just more proof that she was a free spirit who did what she wanted. She could have gotten a tribal armband and still been invited to more parties than us; simply because she realized something we all should: the tattoo is only as good/ bad as the person who has it. Rest in Peace Paula Yates, thanks for showing us how it’s done.