Post Malone’s Infamous Tattoos

Is it just me or does it seem like fame drives musicians straight to the tattoo shop? It wasn’t long before Post Malone released his hit single that he was on the bench getting inked. To be honest, I kind of liked ink-less Posty. The pasty boi was cute.

Face Tattoos – Do they get the girls?

Post Malone Smoking Backstage

How do you guys feel about face tattoos? Trending rap artists, mainly soundcloud rappers, have been popping off with face tats for the passed few years. What do women think about them? The real question is, does Post’s mom approve of his “Stay Away” tattoo or does she want to scrub it off with a Brillo pad?

Post Malone Performing at a Festival

Post Malone’s Hand Tattoos

“Rest Easy”

The man’s hands are covered in ink! From faces of pop artists to a giant bear on the front of his hand, Post goes hard.

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