Rick Ross: Boss Adds More Ink to His Face

rick ross face tattoo

There’s not many people in the music industry who seem to give less of a poop about how people think they look than rapper Rick Ross. In fact, there’s probably very few celebrities overall who show such a blatant disregard for how people would perceive them based on looks. We’re not saying that he’s not a good looking guy, we’re just saying…well…he’s pretty tubby, yet never wears a shirt, his wardrobe when he is actually forced to wear something is mostly over sized t-shirts, and he’s got multiple instances of the ultimate in tattoo “ef-yous”: the face piece.  His newest piece of ink is on his chin of all places, and while we don’t dislike it (if you’re going to have a face tattoo, you might as well have, multiple face tattoos), we’re not sure that it isn’t a huge jinx. The tat in question is also the name of his new song, as it’s a piece that says “Rich Forever”. We feel like he’s just asking to go bankrupt with something like that, but at the same time, maybe he’s going to use it to motivate himself to in fact stay rich forever…or at least until he dies, you can’t take it with you folks…but maybe he’ll have enough money to buy immortality when they finally crack the code on those undying jellyfish and there legit Highlanders walking around everywhere; then the joke will be on us.

rick ross face tattoo pic

The new chin work only adds to the hundreds of tattoos he already has; Rick’s got over fifty different dollar signs on his body, “Against All Odds”, “Millionaire”, the names of different cars that he owns, a bunch of skulls, “5 Star G”, “Teflon Don” (his nickname, which means that even if you are in fact rubber, he isn’t glue), his parents birthdays, a “W” (for “win”), a Darth Vader piece, a Basquiat piece, the outline of the state of Florida, and some crosses. That’s just some of the work he has, as he’s started to run out of space on his upper body and has begun to have leg work done. He still remembers his first tat though, a dollar sign, but doesn’t know exactly where it is; he describes it as “in the mist.”, somewhere on his upper body. Rick won’t be stopping anytime soon, so expect to here from us about The Boss again in the near future.

rick ross face tattoo pics

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rick ross tattoos

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