Robert De Niro Tattooed in Cape Fear

Robert De Niro Tattoo Ink

Robert De Niro has only one real tattoo – a panther – and there are no photos of it and he’s not saying where its located but we’ve heard its on his shoulder. However, we have had a chance to see De Niro all tatted up thanks to the movie Cape Fear. These tattoos were meant to elicit an effect on the audience and they do a decent job making you imagine what this jail bound character must be like – a tough, psycho bad guy. De Niro, as usual, put in some good acting work on the film so that helps too. Its a decent thriller movie with some other good actors. On his back is a enormous cross with scales on it. Then he’s got an ugly heart with the name Loretta above it, some lightning bolts on his stomach and then many other mostly ugly and crude tats on his arms and shoulders befitting of his character. These are examples of what not to get tattooed unless you’re bored in prison. Getting up there in years, De Niro might be passed the days where he’s gonna run out to the tattoo parlor to get a girl’s name or a cross inked on him so this movie might be the only time he’ll be visible with tattoos.

Robert De Niro Back Tattoo

Robert De Niro Movie Tattoos

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