Robert Pattinson Fans Tattoo His Signature On Themselves…Fail.

Robert Pattinson Signature Tattoo

nothing says “mild obsession taken to semi-idiotic lengths” like tattooing someone else’s signature on yourself. This brings us to a couple of diehard Robert Pattison/Twilight fans who have tattooed the star’s John Hancock on their arms. Now we have zero issue with Pattinson, despite how ridiculous Twilight: Breaking Dawn may seem, he still seems to be an alright guy; but the idea of inking someone else’s signature on yourself makes no sense to us. We almost, almost, understand getting the person, or their character from whatever work you hold dear; at least that may represent your connection to the source material and how much it means to you. Fine, we kind of get that, we even almost get it when people tattoo impactful artists’ (like this Paul McCartney fan) signatures on them because maybe they touched your life through their work, but a young actor? He plays a part in a movie you like, and at best you think he’s interesting; he’s not permanent body-marking material.

Robert Pattinson Fan Signature

Fan Tattoo Robert Pattinson Signature

Fan Signature Robert Pattinson

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