Ryan Gosling’s Eclectic Tattoos

As the half of the indie band Dead Man’s Bones, Ryan Gosling is just now seeing the cusp of fame…oh yeah, and he was in some movies like Crazy, Stupid, Love, The Notebook and Drive; and was nominated for something called an “Academy Award”. Anyhow, our favorite singer, animal lover, model, actor, and peace-keeper of the streets (seriously, he breaks up street fights with hugs, look it up, he’s like a Care-Bear-Man) has a few tattoos which are of course quirky and interesting. He has the cover of his favorite children’s book The Giving Tree inked on his left shoulder, a classic semi-nude portrait of actress Theda Bara on his left bicep (it might be in tribute to his band since there’s a skeleton in it), a self-made black band on his left wrist, and something that looks like a wolf’s paw and some hearts on his left elbow (again, it’s believed to be band related). Although Gosling once said to never get tattoos with meaning because you won’t like them someday; all of his seem to have at least some significance, and are all placed on his left arm as some sort of statement about something I’m too dumb to understand. Ryan Gosling: Good tattoos, way more interesting than me.

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