Ryan Reynold’s Little Reminders

Ryan Reynolds Tattoos

Ryan Reynolds, star of Safe House, The Green Lantern, The Change-Up,and R.I.P.D. is known for his on-screen charisma and his good looks, he’s not known for his tattoos. That’s probably because he only has two… and they’re small…and they’re right next to each other. Reynolds’ two “pieces” are: one on the inside of his left wrist that says “Know Thyself”, and another on the side of his left wrist that’s a picture of cannon. To his credit, they both hold strong meaning to him. “Know Thyself” is a reminder to stay grounded and not forget who he is when the cameras aren’t rolling, while the cannon is the one that went off every day in his Canadian home town; it reminds him of his roots. It looks like Ryan Reynolds went for the “less is more” approach, and it worked. Good job Ryan, now if you could just give me my nine bucks back for The Green Lantern; you’re a good actor, but “essencse of willpower”? Screw you.

Ryan Reynolds Wrist Tattoo

Ryan Reynolds New Tattoo

Ryan Reynolds Tattoo Meanings

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