Ryan Sheckler – Loud and Clear Tattoos

ryan sheckler forearms

Sheckler began to skate before he could read and began to gets tats shortly thereafter. That wasn’t that long ago because hes only about 22 now. He was shredding on a skateboard in diapers and then he got a TV show.

The thing is when he is skating its hot and he doesn’t want to wear his jersey that has his name on it so he decided to just go ahead and ink his name on his bare back so he wouldn’t have to worry about jerseys or numbers in skate competitions. Everybody can just see who the hell it is – “Oh, its Sheckler”. Its that easy now. We’re glad thats settled.

He has also tatted some other fine proclamations – “Skate Life” one arm “Till Death” on the other arm. Inspired by Tupac’s “Thug Life” tat maybe? Then he has “Fear” one arm, “God” the other arm. That’s right, can’t mess with the maker. Then “Strength & Honor” on the chest. No obscure hidden meanings here folks, everything is front and center, loud and clear.

Sheckler is definitely not finished with the tattoo parlor. Enough words already though. Next up we imagine some elaborate baroque tribal circles on his shoulder and upper arm, hopefully with some orange and blue hues.

ryan shckler back tattoo

ryan sheckler chest tattoo

ryan sheckler fear

ryan sheckler arm tattoo

Oh and now he’s got a new one – a skateboard! big suprise on the top of his left arm.

ryan sheckler body tattoos

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